About Master of Computer Science Program


It is expected that the graduates of the Master of Computer Science Study Program have competency as a leader with vision and future insight, able to design and apply information technology that will improve the work performance of the organization.

It emphasizes the following aspects:

  1. Advise
    Able to provide input about products, services, strategy, and structure organization, particularly regarding to technical competency of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  2. Value/Assess
    Doing research on products, copyrights, facilities, and human resources in the context of organization business and the possibility of new potential business.
  3. Vision
    Building a vision about possible technology and its impact on the organization’s business area, and how to use the benefit with its changes.
  4. Communicate
    Communicating the organization’s vision to the staff in supporting the change and increasing the organization’s profit.
  5. Manage
    Managing the development and operation of the ICT division to support the utilization of technology for the organization and preparing the expert to new technology.
  6. Innovate
    Get involved in research and product development directly, especially for the creative process and its utility evaluation.

Supplies for the Post-Graduate Study Program consist of two aspects: information technology and business knowledge where it is expected that the graduates will have a commanding view of the process and performance of business corporate. The supply focuses on information technology referring to research, management, and the latest technology update.

Process management in the development of information technology is the core of the subject given, including IT Services, IT Strategic Planning, Enterprise architecture, Advanced Software Engineering, and Information Technology Project management. The technical aspect which has become a new trend, such as Service Oriented Architecture, Big data analytics, Cloud Computing & Mobile Technology, and Computer security have turned into varieties in delivering the materials.

Vision and Mission


An ICT graduate program that fosters a world-class environment for ICT leaders to thrive intellectually and professionally in building and serving the nation.


The missions of the Master of Computer Science are to:

  1. Educating BINUSIAN through an ICT curriculum that meets global standards and industrial needs to promote continuous improvement of science and technology;
  2. Generating innovative ICT technologies through high-impact research to resolve the nation’s issues;
  3. Fostering BINUSIAN as lifelong learners through self-enrichment to stay abreast with advancement in ICT technology by leveraging on available resources;
  4. Empowering BINUSIAN with knowledge and skills in ICT technology to contribute to improving society’s quality of life.

Program Objective

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide graduates with ICT best practices in order to increase their competitive advantage by applying the leading technologies;
  2. To provide graduates with advanced knowledge in innovation, technology, and leadership in order to pursue efficient as well as effective business processes;
  3. To provide graduates with international experience in research and development in order to improve humanity as well as environmental aspects.

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, the graduates are:

  1.  Able to propose solutions to problems by implementing Information Technology in a dynamic and complex environment in the form of innovative work tested through the research and development of information technology in accordance with scientific study and professional practice;
  2. Able to develop software applications to solve problems with Information Technology in complex and dynamic environments using a scientific research approach;
  3. Able to develop methods and Information Technology using inter and multidisciplinary research approaches to produce tested innovative work and commercialized applicative potential in the information technology field;
  4. Able to manage Information Technology projects as well as evaluate Information Technology Infrastructure effectively based on good governance;
  5.  Able to develop science Information and Communication Technology using artificial intelligence methods to produce innovative products that can be applied in various fields;
  6. Able to develop science Information and Communication Technologies using governance methods with the security system of the infrastructure network to produce blueprint strategy and Information and Communication Technology in an organization with a service-oriented approach.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

Master of Computer Science graduates have the opportunity to fill positions at prestigious firms such as IT Leader, IT Innovator, IT Business Creator, IT Consultant, IT Solution and System Integrator, IT Project Manager, IT Lecturer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Officer, Data analyst, Data scientist, Data Architect, Data engineering.