It is expected that the graduates Master of Computer Science Study Program have competency as a leader with vision and future insight, able to design and apply information technology that will improve work performance of organization.
It emphasizes on following aspects:

  1. Advise
    Able to provide an input about products, services, strategy and structure organization, particularly regarding to technical competency of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  2. Value/Assess
    Doing research on products, copy rights, facilities and human resource in context of organization business and the possibility of new potential business.
  3. Vision
    Building a vision about possible technology and its impact to organization business area, and how to use the benefit with its changes.
  4. Communicate
    Communicating organization’s vision to the staff in supporting the change and increasing organization’s profit.
  5. Manage
    Managing the development and operational of ICT division to support utilization of technology for organization and preparing the expert to new technology.
  6. Innovate
    Get involved into research and product development directly, especially for creative process and its utility evaluation.

Supplies for the Post-Graduate Study Program consist of two aspects: information technology and business knowledge where it is expected that the graduates will have a commanding view to the process and performance of business corporate. The supply focuses on information technology referring to research, management and latest technology update.
Process management in development of information technology is the core of subject given, including IT Services, IT Strategic Planning, Enterprise architecture, Advanced Software Engineering, and Information Technology Project management. Technical aspect which has become new trend, such as Service Oriented Architecture, Big data analytics, Cloud Computing & Mobile Technology and Computer security turn into varieties in delivering the materials.