Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:

  1.  Able to propose solutions to the problems by implementing Information Technology in a dynamic and complex environment in the form of innovative work tested through the research and development of information technology in accordance with scientific study and professional practice;
  2. Able to develop software applications to solve the problems with Information Technology in the complex and dynamic environment using scientific research approach;
  3. Able to develop methods and Information Technology using inter and multidisciplinary research approaches to produce tested innovative work and commercialized applicative potential in the information technology field;
  4. Able to manage Information Technology project as well as evaluate Information Technology Infrastructure effectively based on good governance;
  5.  Able to develop science and Information and Communication Technology using artificial intelligence method to produce innovative products that can be applied in various fields;
  6. Able to develop science and Information and Communication Technologies using governance method with security system of the infrastructure network to produce blueprint strategy and Information and Communication Technology in an organization with a service-oriented approach.